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What Does Improv Have to Do with Corporate Communications?

Effective Communication has everything to do with receiving, listening, and clarity of intention. The games of Improv are designed to sharpen one's skills in these areas. They increase focus on the other, while decreasing self-consciousness. They increase one's ability to really HEAR what the other is saying. They increase one's ability to actually TAKE IN or "receive" what is being said both audibly and sub-textually. 85% of all human communication happens "beneath" the words. We share and express what we really think and feel "underneath" our words through our subtext and intentions. Subtext is what we are saying without saying it. And intentions are what we are pursuing or driving after without overtly naming or claiming said pursuit. The games, practices, body awareness tools and breathwork inherent in the practice of Improv Comedy facilitate our ability to clearly intend, unify our subtext with our verbal expression, hear the other, receive the other, include the other, and in so doing, increase the other, or the audience's DESIRE to hear US. When an audience feels connected with, included, and like they matter to the speaker, they, in turn, connect with, include and allow the speaker matter to them. Therefore the very same Improv Comedy skills that develop intimacy between co-workers, develop intimacy between speaker and audience. Welcome aboard the mind-blowing, delightfully fun Improv Train! Settle in, the ride is bound to be fun and engaging.


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