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Katie Rubin

Katie Rubin is an actor, improviser, and healer, facilitator based in The Hudson Valley in upstate New York.  She earned her MFA in Acting at UC Davis in California and her BA in Theater and Dance at Amherst College in Western Mass.  She has performed in over 30 professional regional theater productions, playing leading comedic roles, has toured her 5 original Solo Shows around the country, and continues to perform Stand Up Comedy, nationally.  She teaches Acting, Improv, Stand Up Writing, and Public Speaking for Stanford University, The American Conservatory Theater, and with Speechless Live.  

In her nationally touring Comedic Healing Events known to her audiences as “Everything All At Once, an Irreverent Healing Event” Katie speaks deeply and intimately on the topics of trauma healing, spirituality, consciousness, personal purpose, the small-s self, The Big-S Self, God, Unity, and Oneness all while delivering wildly inappropriate jokes, singing apropos-to-the-moment songs, and sharing true stories from her life.  Her talks (or shows) are Raw, Real, Hilarious and Game-Changing for her audiences.  Blending question and answer style group processing with comedic storytelling, Katie’s events will bring you clarity, awakening, awareness, laughter, joy and quite possibly some tears.  So bring your tissues and your sense of humor, cuz it’s bound to be a wild ride, indeed.  

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