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What do we do?

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

When we step into the role of the performer, so often the first thing that occurs is we put on a new mask. We assume a role. We start to pretend. In Being You Onstage's Classes, we teach corporate employees, team leads, and executives how to do precisely the opposite of this. We teach people how to remove the protective masks we tend to hide behind the moment we step on stage. From giving presentations to higher ups, to leading meetings with your team, we give you real, actionable body-based tools to facilitate you being comfortable and feeling confident to be YOU on stage.


Who We Help

Departments, companies, and/or groups in need of public speaking and/or interpersonal communication skill building tools and practices.

How We Do It

After a short pre-screen meeting we determine which of our curriculums is best suited to your team’s needs and together we choose a time for your 3 or 6 hour in-house training.

What's in It for You

Radical transformation of your team's ability to listen, communicate, speak, hold the attention of their audience, and engage their audience all while deepening their connection with themselves, their breath, and their authentic voice.



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