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We are a group of professional, working Actors and Behavior Coaches who bring our performance, interpersonal skills, and training. to the Business Sector to empower your team to come to life on stage.  We teach you to be comfortably, authetically, YOU.

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Joyful Team Building!

In this energized, full-day, festive Team-building event, your colleagues and employees will bond, connect, and build more effective communication skills!  Over the course of 6-8 hours (you choose the timeframe that works for you), we will take your teams through easy-to-play, laugh-inducing games and exercises based on Improv tools, tricks and techniques, send them on hilarious scavenger hunts (this can be done indoors, all in one location, OR outside all over the neighborhood, depending on your preference), and walk them through all kinds of hysterical experiences that will have them reminiscing about that time they had the best day at work of their lives!

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Building Effective Communication
at Work

Using advanced skills, tools and practices from the world of Improv Comedy, this two-day workshop will develop in your team:  high-level active listening skills, sophistocated tools for skillful interpersonal communication, a deepend sense of confidence for presentations, and a more peaceful, joyful experience at work, overall.  On day one, we teach the basics of Improv, as they are relevant and applicable to your team and their specific roles within the company.  On day two, we focus on active listening and communication.  This workshop is a favorite with our clients, and facilitates measurable transformation for your teams.

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Advanced Public Speaking Skills for Professionals

You already have some level of ability with leading rooms, and speaking to groups.  Now you're looking to develop those skills within your teams, and to further your own abilities.  In this 6-8 hour training, we give you practical, actionable, tips, techniques and tools for creating talks and presentations during which you feel comfortable, at ease, and engaged, all at once.

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